Banso Shop Clothing - Shipping Policy

Shipping Information

Where do we ship?

We are a global provider. Shipping is available in Canada, U.S. and various international locations.

How much is shipping & handling?

We charge a shipping & handling fee for both Canadian and international clients (including the U.S.) based on the weight of your order/product. The client is responsible for any duty charges that may apply, whether your order is being shipped directly to you or us. Before your shipment goes out we will inform you of your courier/shipping cost.  

Shipping charges will be of no surprise to you. We charge you a standard shipping cost based on the weight of your order. We will give you a rough shipping cost when placing your order so you know what to expect. The exact shipping cost will be determined once the product is completed and weighed. Shipping cost plus the remaining amount of your order is due before your shipment is delivered to you. For our clients residing in India, we use a different shipping system and different costs. You can contact us directly about this.

When will I receive my order?

Shipment times vary by item. A timeline will be given to you upon order confirmation. From beginning to end (delivery of product) it may take a minimum of 3-4 weeks depending on the type of outfit, style, material availability, etc.

Do you offer rush delivery?

We can usually accommodate rush orders at no additional cost. You can chat with us by sending us an email ( to confirm if we can accommodate your specific timeline.